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Nonfiction: “Guts” (Gravel Lit Magazine)  (Pushcart Prize Nomination) 

Nonfiction: “Transference” (Foliate Oak) 

Nonfiction: “There is No Man” (Huffington Post)

Nonfiction: “Wedding Town” (The Hairpin) 

Interview with Late Night Library

Interview with Ms Fit Magazine

Praise for You’re Not Edith

“These stories are especially moving for their simplicity and for Gruber’s honest, straightforward manner of storytelling. The result is a slim but powerful book.” (Publishers Weekly)

“In-your-face funny and heartbreakingly sad….Gruber’s essays add up to a kaleidoscopically engaging read.” (Booklist)

“The attention to these small moments, small eccentricities and oddities, makes the whole book a delight, with new surprises and insights from page to page….Through Allison Gruber’s ten delightful essays, we get to know her and a wide cast of friends and family well because she takes the time to give us her thoughts, her stories, her private moments, making it a book well worth the read.” (New Pages)